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Because Everyone Needs a Bit of Vintage Trans-Am in His or Her Day: Vintage Trans-Am!

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The only thing close to as cool as the Can-Am series in US motorsport in the late '60s-early '70s was drag racing. Except for one niggling little thing. There was a ponycar war afoot, and the soldiers on the ground consisted of factory-supported racers in long-hood, short-deck coupes cranking big power out of V8s of relatively small displacement. And they just happened to be some of the most quadruple-rad racing cars of all time, driven by men whose testosterone quotient required no enhancement. Yes kids, let us once again travel back to the glory days of the Trans-Am series, because it makes much of today's road racing look tame by comparison and casts NASCAR in the doofiest light imaginable. We're gonna go make out with our hand now.


Historic Trans-Am

Trans-Am Racing Could Make a Proper Comeback, Says C&D [Internal]

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imoody - that's where the respect for these old-timey drivers comes from. They had vehicles with all that power in the straights, and no ability to turn, yet they managed to make the car actually go around corner after corner, lap after lap. And most of them survived.