Beautiful French Car We Can't Have Will Get Additional Weight Reduction Which Is Nice I Guess: Report

Image credit: Kristen Lee/Jalopnik

See that beautiful blue car up there? It’s the reborn Alpine A110 and, no duh, it’s not coming to the United States. So we can only admire it from afar and fantasize about how great the alleged sportier version will be.

Apparently, there’s a “Sport Chassis” A110 that will have a more tuned version of the car’s standard 1.8-liter engine, raising the power output up from 252 horsepower to 300, according to Auto Express, citing unnamed sources. Also, weight saving is in the works, too:

The A110 is already an extremely light car due to its widespread use of aluminium. However, Alpine’s engineers reckon they can suck up to 50kg out of the car by paring back on the interior trim – with a target weight of just 1,050kg.

The chassis and suspension will also be “between 15 and 20 percent” stiffer on the Sport model, though the brakes will remain the same as the base car due to the slight reduction in kerbweight. Programming for the dual clutch gearbox and steering, exhaust and ESC systems will be revised to deliver yet more response – especially in Track mode.


That means Alpine’s engineers think they will be able to shave an additional 100 pounds off of the A110's already lightweight body (2,400 pounds). Subtracting weight while adding power? Nothing incredible ever came out of that!

Awesome! Fantastic! Great! Let’s play a game: I’ll hold my breath until the Alpine gets approved to come here. You let me know when that happens!

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