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Bear Gets Stuck in Car That Somehow Isn't a Subaru

Gif: El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office (Facebook)

Until now, the phenomenon of bears getting stuck in Subarus seemed like some kind of ages-old master plan being fulfilled. Why is the wild animal stuck in the car always a bear? Why is the car always a Subaru? What are the bears planning? But now, a shocking change in the prophecy: A bear got stuck in a Honda Civic.


The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office in California posted a video of a bear rescue this week, saying in the caption that bears can open doors and to remove food from cars so they don’t try. The video shows a deputy shooting bean bags into the back window of the Civic, shattering the glass so the bear could get out:


In the video, one of the people at the scene in the South Lake Tahoe area said the bear “did not seem very happy” in the Civic. That’s probably because it got into the wrong type of car, and because its bear friends will be mad it wasted its time and energy on a Honda.

But the bear’s mood didn’t matter much in the end. The deputy shot the back window out a couple of times before the bear jumped out and ran off, evidently ashamed about picking something other than a Subaru.

Or, was the bear ashamed at all? Was this, perhaps, a purposeful diversion from the plan, meant to throw us humans off? What does this all mean?

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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That was quite a grisly escape!