Bear Casually Opens Car Door And The Kids Are Not Having It

I like to imagine this bear thinks it’s opening the office refrigerator. “Leftover dad, eh. Mmm, hey, anybody’s name on those screaming kids in the back?”

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This video now bouncing around the internet appears to have been taken at Yellowstone National Park, where bears and other interesting wildlife roam free. These critters are known to cause substantial traffic jams on the park’s two-lane roads because they are very fun to gawk at.

Of course, humans are supposed to stay 300 feet away from bears and wolves in the park, and anywhere else really, so as to avoid disturbing them—but what are you supposed to do when they walk right up to your car? (Ideally, keep it locked or your kids will bug the hell out.)


Warning! Lower your headphone volume before pushing play:

Looks like these people and the animal all escaped unharmed. Which is lucky, because the National Parks Service’s guide to bear encounters sounds pretty ominous. If you want any real chance of going toe-to-claw with one of these fuzzy predators, just read Wes Siler’s guide to bear fighting.


But mostly, just give the bears some damn space when you cruise through their backyard.

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