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Be A Fat Stig, American Pigs!

Illustration for article titled Be A Fat Stig, American Pigs!

If you're interested in being a fat 'merican Stiggie-piggie, Top Gear's online store's got just the thing for you. They're in the process of milkin' this past week's episode for every dime that it's worth, including the merchandising — where the real money's made. That's why the official store's just added the newest and coolest thing for every man, woman and child who wears one of three sizes: XL, XXL and XXXL. So if you meet one of those "criteria," head on over to Top Gear and snag yourself one of these "I Am The Stig's Fat Cousin" and be proud to be an 'merican!


Be a big Stig too [Top Gear]


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Mike Spinelli

Sorry, my fat American ass sat on it.