Batten Down the Hatches: Audi Launching S3 This Week?

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Could Audi be ready to launch its revived S3 (the first for the US market), amid a lazy August? That's what the guys at Carscoop say. Audi, reports a tipster, will unveil the sport A3 midweek ahead of an introduction at the Paris motor show. It'll have a juiced-up 2.0 TFSI that produces 260 hp, a choice of six-speed manual or SMG, and Haldex center differential for Quattro action. No word on weight, which we're assuming will give it a benefit over the 250-hp 3.2 model. Word is the US will get its first S3 in early 2007.

2007 Audi S3 quattro to be unveiled this week [Carscoop]

New Audi S3 Coming in Fall 2006 [internal]


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