This is a one-off Juke Nismo with a Batman projection on its roof. Seriously. Also, the title of this press release was so good, I just had to go with it for the headline.

Apparently, "self-confessed action film fan and local baker" Mr Williams won a Nissan competition, so after every resident in the small Welsh town of Carmarthen realized that one of Batman's Tumblers just rolled in front of their castle, he took the keys to a one-off Juke Nismo inspired by the Batman franchise.


The 200hp 1.6 turbocharged engine was untouched just like the rest of the Nismo bits, but this Juke gets better:

Matte black paint gives a menacing look reminiscent of the on-screen Tumbler, while a shark fin antenna replaces the standard car’s conventional aerial. In addition to Nismo badging, there are aluminium Bat badges on the front grille and tailgate while the unique gloss black 18-inch alloy wheels include bespoke red detailing, matching the eye-catching pinstripe on the bumpers and sills of the standard Juke Nismo.

Open the door and you’re greeted by Bat logos on the kickplates and reflective Bat badges on the headrests of the suede-trimmed Nismo sports seats. Thanks to downlighters mounted under the door mirrors the famous Bat signal can be projected onto the floor area around the doors. A clever uplighter projects the same signal onto the black headlining inside too.

Nissan seems to understand what entertainment is and Mr Williams must be one happy baker indeed. The only thing he has to learn now after getting "his very own version of the Batmobile" is how to dissapear just like the Dark Knight.

The matte black paint helps...

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