Barrett-Jackson to offer authentic JFK Hearse at auction in January

After the debacle surrounding the fake JFK 1963 Pontiac Bonneville ambulance at last year's Scottsdale auction it appears Barrett-Jackson is going to try selling another professional car linked to the late president. The big difference? It is well documented this hearse actually transported JFK's body.


Outfitted as a hearse by the Miller-Meteor company, this 1964 Cadillac was used to transport the body of President Kennedy and the first lady from Parkland Memorial Hospital to the airport at Love Field. This car has only changed hands three times in its life and accordingly is very well documented to be the actual Cadillac that transported the president's body.

We originally told you about this hearse last January, presenting it as an authentic alternative to the fake Pontiac Ambulance. Apparently Barrett-Jackson agreed with us, deciding it would be a good idea to sell a well documented piece of Kennedy memorabilia instead of a completely undocumented one. The company will be offering the car on Saturday, January 21 at their Scottsdale event.


It appears the car, billed as the "Most significant piece of John F. Kennedy memorabilia ever" didn't sell for its $1.5 million asking price on Ebay last year. It appears the car will be offered with No Reserve, which means the Hearse will find a new owner in Scottsdale regardless of the final bid. It will certainly be very interesting to see what kind of value bidders place on an authentic automotive piece of JFK history.

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