Banks Power To Debut iQ Dash Computer At SEMA

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Banks Power, the company behind some of the fastest diesel trucks, has turned its tuning prowess to a fully-featured dashboard computer. Called the iQ, it's the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone curious about their exhaust gas temperature.

The company claims it took two years to create and, given the amount of options and clean interface on the five-inch color screen, it seems plausible. The system combines detailed ECU readouts and control with performance data tracking, entertainment software (videos, music, photos), and productivity software (Microsoft Office).


We're not sure if we're too keen on the idea of someone driving around in a giant diesel truck while reading a spreadsheet, checking their altitude and

Press Release
Azusa, Calif. - - (October 19, 2009) Banks Power today announced their new era vehicle user interfaces that's appropriately named the Banks iQ. The new unit is a true self-contained micro-computer that offers control of any of the many vehicle performance enhancement products that Banks produces, such as tuners and exhaust brake systems.
But the Banks iQ doesn't stop there, going on to offer a wealth of additional features and benefits all packed in a compact, easy to read - easy to use, handheld device.
"We know that we have a real game changer here with this device," said Gale Banks. "We've spent the past two years loading this unit up with additional value for our customers. We're very proud of this revolutionary product and we're serious about direct comparisons with anything else on the market today. This is what our customers told us they wanted in a personal VUIs (vehicle user interface), and what they needed them to do."

And "do" might well be the operative word here. In addition to offering complete, ultra-precise control over all Banks engine tuner and engine exhaust braking products, the remarkable Banks iQ boasts built-in multi-media playback capabilities, global navigation, office productivity tools, real-time performance testing, instant vehicle diagnostics, and more.
The Banks iQ features a large 5" screen display that's absolutely gimmick-free, easy to read and understand, and easy to react to. All information is presented clearly, in full color, and in the user's choice of a wide range of visual styles. The unit is also internally-lighted for highly-legible night time use.
There's even an option aboard that matches the night time dash display to that of the host vehicle. The unit is completely portable, comes complete with a handy dash mounting system, rechargeable internal battery, and is equally as effective on the road, at home, at play, or in office at work.
"Over the years we've introduced many new products which have completely changed the way the people looked at a specific class of devices, this is one more, and I think, our best so far. It's certainly our most multi-faceted and the most adaptable product we've ever offered, " Banks concluded.