Baltimore Ravens Fans Riot Against One Manhattan Range Rover

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. A ball was thrown up and down a field a number of times. A bunch of men fell down after being hit by other men. The lights went out. Beyonce gyrated on a stage in a slightly self-indulgent half time show. Both teams were coached by men with the same last name. One lucky man got a 2014 Corvette just for playing football very well.


In the end, the Baltimore Ravens beat the San Francisco 49ers. And in order to rub it in here in New York, Ravens fans decided to spray paint the side of a perfectly lovely Range Rover.

The car in question was found right around the corner from Jalopnik's top secret New York City headquarters. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but it seems that a couple of Ravens fans spotted the Range Rover and decided that the owner was a 49ers fan.


With that in mind they spray painted "Go Ravens" on the side of the car. Then it looks like they also called the owner a "slut" for no reason. Or to rub it in. One or the other.

My other theory is that the owner of the car is a politically incorrect prostitute that loves the Ravens and did this to their own car. It seems plausible.


(Hat Tip to Leslie!)

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