Bad Boys For Life Has Got The Good Cars

Gif: Bad Boys For Life

You bet your butts there’s a third Bad Boys movie coming out: Bad Boys For Life. The new trailer that just dropped confirmed, once again, it’s got good cars. Plus apparently exactly the same jokes you loved in the last movie from, wow, 2003. I’m still here for it and, I’m guessing, so are you.

I really appreciate how the entire movie, probably, is neatly captured in the first 20 seconds of this trailer. But the whole thing is worth watching because tough guy/funny guy is still entertaining and Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are pretty much perfect for each other in those respective roles.


I also dig the prominent placement of a very well-spec’d Porsche 911, highway shenanigans, and is that a motorcycle sidecar with a machine gun?

I was too young in 1995 to appreciate whether or not the O.G. Bad Boys was actually revolutionary, but I’ll never forget the creatively destructive car chases of Bad Boys II. Based on this trailer, it looks like all the same antics are coming back, which I have absolutely no problem with.


Lawrence dings Smith’s fancy car, uptight police captain wigs out, Smith puts a blazer on in slow-motion... yeah, this is pretty well-worn cinematic territory.

Also digging the movie-trailer-remix of song-of-the-summer-2001 “Bad Boy For Life” by P. Diddy, featuring Black Rob and G. Dep. Looking forward to breaking another set of speakers cranking that for the rest of the day.

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