Baby And Teenage Passenger Killed In Georgia Street Racing Crash

And now, a sad, sobering reminder that racing of any kind should only be done at the track. Police in Georgia are investigating a street racing crash Thursday night that resulted in the death of a driver's baby and a 19-year-old passenger in her car.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that 22-year-old Kyrie Alassen Anderson was racing her Honda Accord against another car on Interstate 20 when she lost control and hit a guardrail. The car then spun across the road and was hit by a pickup truck, the newspaper reported, injuring two men inside.


Anderson's baby and her friend Edi Rodriguez were killed in the crash. Police officials told the AP that the other driver in the race has been identified and will be questioned. They don't say whether this was some kind of competitive illegal racing or just people being incredibly stupid in their cars.

Presumably, Anderson could face charges for the wreck, as could the other driver.


Horrible news all around.

Photo credit Atlanta Journal Constitution

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