B-1 Bomber Crashes In Montana

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One of the US' ultra-expensive B-1B not-quite-stealth bombers crashed in rural Montana this afternoon. AP reports that the four crew members ejected before the crash and survived with some injuries.


The B-1 that crashed came from Ellsworth, South Dakota, one of the two air bases that house the entirety of the country's B-1 fleet. The entire B-1 fleet was grounded in 2005 when the nose gear collapsed on a B-1 from Ellsworth. The only other B-1 malfunction since September 11th, 2001 happened to a plane from Ellsworth as well. That was on December 12th, 2001, when a B-1 crashed into the Indian Ocean. All crew members safely ejected before that crash.

No cause was ever determined for the 2001 crash, and no cause has yet been determined for today's wreck.


Photo Credit: AP/USAF

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