This is Kalle Rovanperä. His dad lets him get behind the wheel of rally cars and fling himself through the forest at speeds you wouldn’t dare. Child endangerment? More like awesome parenting.

 You see, Kalle’s dad is World Rally Championship driver Harri Rovanperä, who has access to some of the best rally stages in Finland, but also a host of rally cars to tear across them. We found these videos on the excellent Axis of Oversteer and we’re just in awe.

This reminds us of the 'world’s fastest 12 year old', but with even more hoonage action. Check out Kalle in a rear-wheel-drive Toyota Starlet on a gravel stage, just where his father excelled in his professional career.

And here’s Kalle in a professional-spec Citroën C2. We’re jealous of this kid and he hasn’t even hit puberty.

Basically, this kid is faster than you, he’s probably cooler than you (he is Finnish after all) and he’ll probably end up making his money as a professional race car driver. Just give up now, everybody, we’ll never have as good a life as Kalle.