Avengers' Acura MDX Gets 234 MPG

According to the accurate-looking window sticker, this 2012 Acura MDX with special tactical packages for S.H.I.E.L.D. gets an impressive 234 MPG city/304 MPG highway mileage, though this is running on Palladium. It's a fuel which, apparently, costs a daunting $448/oz. But that's actually cheap. Because the car itself costs just under $6 million.

But hey, it has stealth invisibility generators, an unmanned aerial vehicle, and is fictitious.


The Acura, is of course, the car star of the new Avengers movie. And while the MDX is nicely kitted up with exciting looking lights and special rims and guards, the fake window sticker is probably the best part. Mostly for alluding to future Acura technological innovations such as a 9-speed hyper-shift (that doesn't sound too comfortable!) transmission, steering wheel with palm-scan ID, inviso-shield exo-system wave modifier, and a retracting repulsor cannon.

This, of course, will be a welcome change from Acura's current lineup of non-retracting repulsor cannons.

As far as movie cars go, this one does have a very achievable look, and Acura could likely put out a special edition for those wanting the S.H.I.E.L.D. look. They could even include a little remote-control helicopter thing on the roof!

But I wouldn't hold your breath for the Enviro-Clone holographic surrounding projector.

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