Avengermino! The Dodge 1500 Pickup!

The history of the Hillman Avenger is long, sordid and involves Chrysler, Peugeot and Volkswagen. And while some of the rally/saloon variants were pretty rad, the Avenger variant that simply cannot be fronted upon is the Uruguay-built Dodge 1500 pickup. Sadly, not much thought was given to the structural integrity of this South American truckcar and the vehicles apparently had a propensity toward chassis failure. Still, unlike its American cousin, the Rampage, the 1500 was at least driven by the correct wheels. We'd like to find one, beef it up, and add Plymouth Cricket bodywork and a 4G63 turbo, thus making it a Phantom Scamp GT. Would there be a more playatastic way to roll through Montevideo? We highly doubt it.

The Hillman Avenger

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