Automotive Zen In Three Acts: The Saab Suite

We've run this once before, but it never gets old to us. There's just something totally awesome about the Saab Performance Team. No matter the era, they're fun to watch — like in this 1988 three act number performed by eight Saab 9000 turbos and one Saab 9000 cabriolet. Shit, this could make us actually like classical music and stuff. Even more so if the finale could include the most famous man born from jets, "Maximum" Bob Lutz. We'd pay to see him flying through a Saab banner at the end. Yup, that'd be epic. [Hat tip to Imoody for the memory!]

Maximum Bob Lutz: Born From Jets; Hoons of Years Back: Saab Suite [internal]


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Nick, the tires would not have to put up with any more force than cornering at 1G. Sure - the 9000 cannot corner at that level of grip, but there are plenty of tires that can handle that. Infact, the tire is not scrubbing (like it would when cornering hard) so it is likely faring better when being driven on 2 wheels.

I actually have that very same car - 88 9000 Turbo. I haven't driven it in 2 years though since I've gotten pretty lazy in an engine rebuild project. When I saw this video many years ago, one thing bothered me. I think to be able to move forward while on two wheels, the differential cannot be fully open (or else the raised wheel should take all the engine's power). However, the stock differential is open.

And yeah there is that much body roll on the 9000s... but surprisingly low understeer - made up for by plenty of torque steer :)

Another interesting fact: the 9000 is actually *shorter* than the 900. No kidding. The 900 with its longitudinally mounted engine (same engine) and huge overhangs is longer than the 9000.