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Automotive Icon Jennifer Lopez Opens This Insane 100,000-Sq.Ft. Audi Dealership In Dubai

Illustration for article titled Automotive Icon Jennifer Lopez Opens This Insane 100,000-Sq.Ft. Audi Dealership In Dubai

Exciting news out of the United Arab Emirates this week as famed automotive industry icon and noted Fiat enthusiast Jennifer Lopez was tapped to open Audi's latest mega-dealership in Dubai.


As we all remember, J-Lo starred in controversial, much ridiculed ads for the Fiat 500 last year, only for the public to discover that she wasn't really driving around the block at all. Fiat has since dumped that campaign for some ads that are slightly less annoying.


Not one to give up easily, J-Lo is now apparently spokeswoman-ing for Audi in the Middle East, as Motor Authority reported.

But the new facility is way more fancy than your normal neighborhood car dealership. As Motor Authority reports, it's not even called a dealership, but a "terminal," because it's 100,000 square feet and three stories of Audi madness with two car elevators and one floor exclusively dedicated to car customization. It is, apparently, the largest Audi dealership in the world.

The terminal also features what Audi calls a "Powerwall," a floor-to-ceiling screen that displays images of the cars and their customization options in 1:1 scale. I want to go to there.

Say what you want about J.Lo, she seems to be committed to staying in the automotive shill game. And I wish my ass looked that good in white pants, girlfriend.


Photo credit Motor Authority

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I love you but I've chosen hooning!

Maybe you should learn something about J-Lo's background before ridiculing her publicly on this website. Did you know that before she was famous, J-Lo was a licensed truck driver in over 50 states and that she often worked 48hrs straight to bring home some hard earned cash (that was before greedy unions imposed stupid regulations). Did you know that J-Lo was the first woman to drive a truck through Alaska and that Lisa Kelly, of IRT fame, was her understudy? And did you know, that J-Lo was part of a UNO convoy that delivered water and medication to remote areas of the Sub-Sahara region and that her convoy was attacked by rebels, incapacitating her friends truck and that she then went on to change the engine of the truck with her bare hands, while under mortar fire! Did you? DID YOU!?!

There is so much more to this woman than we know. It's easy to judge. Don't hate.

Edit: The dude next to her wears such a nice suit, why does he have to ruin it with that dumb tie!