Automotive Cockpit Concept Punishes Bad Driving With Hasselhoff Tunes

If the designers of the Automotive Cockpit have their way, the next time you cut off your fellow traveler or turn without signaling, you'll be punished by a serenade from none other than the Hoff.

With the relentless integration of personalized music into car stereo systems in an effort to insulate the entire natural world from our senses, interesting opportunities for feedback on driving styles emerge. Since the youth market is so tuned into music that is their own, it's conceivable that playing other music when they behave badly behind the wheel will act as a deterrent for future poor driving. This is the concept behind the Automotive Cockpit.


Besides swiping the single bottom spoke design from Citroen and using chipper colors and gee-whiz techno-ideas, the Automotive cockpit will play your music happily when you're being good. When you make a low level mistake it'll play tunes by the great crooner David Hasselhoff, if you make a high level mistake, it plays something called "hüttenschlager," which, we assume is some mercilessly bad German traditional music totally uncool with the kids these days.

Of course, if this were released in Germany, it would have the opposite effect, with kids breaking the rules to hear the Hoff rock out in symphonic surround sound. [Design Launches]

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