Autoextremist: Industry 'Ballistic'

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Sweet Peet D. pulls out the shotgun and claims that the auto industry, what with its Dr. Z's, proposed Japanese-Franco-American mergers and Oklahoman built, Sino-Anglo MGs (where's Booker T. when you need him?) has gone "ballistic." We don't know about that. 'Ballistic" generally implies some sort of trajectory is involved, no matter how loopy. There's no trajectory here. We prefer the phrase, "grasping at straws." As such, we offer up an anecdote after the jump.


A friend of ours was recently covering an event alongside his pals (two of the truly good guys of the Big Three). When they arrived at the semi truck showcasing the automaker's performance parts, there was a line of SUVs parked in front of it. One of the guys got on the phone and reamed the guy handling the cars, rightfully stating that as a performance-parts display there should be performance cars in front of the trailer. The next day, the SUV guy gets on the phone and reams the car-wrangler because his vehicles are gone. It's petty infighting like this that's destroying Detroit. Stop it, kids. Or pretty soon you won't have any shiny new toys to play with.

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