Auto Forum Troll Of The Week: Rock-Bashing Edition

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Welcome back to Auto Forum Troll Of The Week, where we shed light on the seedy, clever and sometimes-annoying world of forum trolling. This week, taking the term "welding the differential" a little too seriously.

Alright, after reading a ton of threads on welding up gears for extra traction, i went ahead and welded mine up.
I put the third back in and went to pull out of my garage, and I just roasted my clutch. I figured that maybe there was some slag left in the bearing, so i dropped it in 4lo and lo and behold something broke loose.

I'm really pissed at all this BS talk. I welded my junk really wel. And now my driveline is twisted up like a damn pretzel.

You are all a bunch of shit talkin Jerks.

What the hell did you all do differently?

This troll has used several cunning techniques to lay his trap. First, he's carefully chosen his quarry, Pirate4x4 is home to some of the most no-bullshit off-roaders and rock bashers on the net. It's fertile ground for a sneaky troll. Second, he's taken a well-loved and cheap modification technique referred to loosely as "welding the differential" and turned it on it's head, creating something nonsensical and then displaying outrage at the darn thing for not working.


We'll explain. Normally, welding a differential means you permanently weld in place the spider gears in a diff and create an el-cheapo locked differential. If you want to buy a real locker later on it's an easy replacement and it's a good way to get mud bogging when you're doing it on the cheap.

This troll has not done that. Instead, he's welded the pinion to the ring gear which creates a differential-shaped paper weight. He even supplied a second picture to prove his point and then called the forum a "bunch of shit talkin jerks" for providing the information he misinterpreted. To the credit of the forum, the primary reaction was to call the troll a moron, but there are a couple members who fell for it. Remember to keep your eyes peeled, forum fan-boys. Without proper vigilance, you too could fall for this wily troll trap.

[Pirate4x4 (Thanks to all the tipsters who sent this one in)]

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