Auto Buff Book Gets Feelings Hurt, Not REALLY a Bunch of Sleazy D-Bags

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I got a call — a 29-minute phone call, actually — last night from Angus Mackenzie, Editor-in-Chief of Motor Trend. Apparently he was quite offended by our little site calling them a "sleazy bunch of d-bags" on the Corvette ZR1 post we ran on Thursday for being the first to break the embargoed news on the internet. After explaining to me that they didn't actually break the embargo because they received a copy of AutoWeek on their desk a few hours before the embargo broke, and since a printed magazine sent to a subscriber is totally the exact same as a mass communication medium like the internet, he went ahead and decided to "scoop" the rest of the world by running his copy of the press release story. Although I explained we use this thing called "sarcasm" and this other thing called "snark" here on this site — he wasn't buying it.


Angus explained we're not British and therefore have no understanding of sarcasm, even of the sophomoric variety. So despite our explanation that we really don't believe the staff of his web site magazine maga-site(?) are a "sleazy bunch of d-bags," he really wanted to be like Ralph Macchio and be the man who fights for their honor. So, we want to personally apologize to any member of the Motor Trend family if any of them took what we said the wrong way. Aren't you all glad you've got a boss like Angus willing to protect you from being made fun of on the internet?

We bet Csaba Csere would have taken it as a joke.

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