Zac Estrada

I can see that happening in somewhere like San Jose. There was actually a public charging infrastructure being formed there and I think PG&E was somewhat supportive of the idea, like Southern California Edison was where I’m from. And I’m sure everyone was tired of getting no better than 15 or so around town in their Read more

Yes, that’s it next to the left arrow.

You think the EV1 is ugly and not futuristic weird in a ’90s way? The Altra is developed from an existing gasoline-powered vehicle, so there were few modifications. Read more

It’s a size up from the Altima, being related to the Maxima/Cefiro of the time. But it’s pretty much standard-issue mid-’90s Nissan styling all around Read more

Congrats. And you even got one in the only remotely interesting color it's offered in. Read more

Stuff like the 503 and 507 may have failed initially, but they're revered designs today. Volvo pulling the plug on this car and now publicly sharing the way it did that is interesting. I really can't think of many other automakers who do this Read more

For all we know the Sport was mechanically fine. I gather it just didn't feel like it was going to last for a billion years like those other old Volvos. Read more

Great idea! As soon as the suspension is fixed, anyway Read more

It's not that you can't stop a car without power assisted stuff, but it makes it harder to do and even more when you don't expect to lose assist. Go right from power steering to non-power steering and there's a sharp difference. If you expect to brake and then realize you need a lot more effort, that's a surprise you Read more

I think it works, for now. Wait until it gets overblown like the Union Jack Mini sticks on everything. The flag in the Volvo is unexpected, but tasteful. Now, orange seatbelts had better be an option. Read more

Don't think I've ever seen a wagon rental in the US. Most memorable was a guy returning a Saab 9-5 V6 to Enterprise saying it was tthe best car he'd ever had. This was 2001 Read more

This still looks good today. Too bad they're all in terrible shape. Read more

I would love to meet a Sterling fanboy. You know where to find me! Read more