Thomas McIntyre
Jul 11 2018

And don’t forget it was Land Rover’s original Range Rover that created the Luxury SUV segment.

Jul 11 2018

Everyone complained about “too many buttons” and “looks old” and “wow, I’m paying forty grand for buttons” so Volvo gave everyone the biggest “FUCK YOU” ever and went home.

Apr 25 2018

The stick shift MPVs are true unicorns and highly sought after in the freaky niche community that is MK1 MPV owners. The 4wd stick shifts had a 2 speed transfer case, whereas the auto 4wds made due with a single speed system with a locking center diff.

Jan 26 2018

Yet another regressive tax imposed on the working class of New York City - meanwhile, the rich here are awash in tax breaks.

Fuck that - and while we’re at it, fuck Cuomo and Di Blasio

You want a tax increase that would really help New Yorkers? Put a tax on luxury housing, and on non residents who own luxury apartments Read more

Sep 6 2017

Félix Lamontagne, our Lord and Saabior.

Jul 6 2017

Isn’t James Franco only sexually attracted to Japanese anime body pillows?

Jun 28 2017

I don’t entirely disagree with the thrust of this article, but I still think of Volvos as extremely safe cars with personality that will age very well. Read more

May 11 2017

The guy who bought the second gen Saab 9-5 is now my favorite person ever.

Apr 6 2017

What are those dogs with normal sized bodies and tiny legs? It looks like the tiny legged breed of the Model X.

Dec 2 2016

Public art is, generally, a good thing. $750,000 doesn’t seem too excessive for this.

Nov 17 2016

Heaven for-fucking-bid that an automotive blog get out in front of a political story that is directly at the heart of the American automotive industry and which they can talk about with knowledge, depth, and most importantly, specific knowledge of models, plants, and a history of tracking where vehicles are slated to Read more