Micheline Maynard
Oct 29 2014

LIES! I get the paper edition on the weekends just so I can read the autos section.

Sep 1 2014

I sometimes look at them from an elevated subway line, which is definitely different from any view I had in Texas. Mostly, though, they're still cars. I don't love them any more or any less. Read more

Jun 24 2014

I mean being president does make you commander in chief, and wouldn't you say that the privilege to be saluted makes you more obligated to show your respect and salute back? Read more

May 7 2014

Yeah, taking Patrick seriously would be a big mistake. That's just good life advice.

Nov 11 2013

5 second design off the top of my head....Jalopnik 7-spd manual shift knob.

Jul 20 2013

My first reaction was wow there is no way only 20,000 pensioners need $8 billion dollars. Then I did the math, if divided equally among those pensioners (which I am sure it won't be) it works out to only $400,000 per pensioner. Not a whole lot when you think about it. A really good heart attack or stroke could wipe Read more