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Yesterday 5:00PM

I used to work for a GMC dealer owned by the same guy who owns HB Dodge. He kept all those demons in the back warehouse at the GMC lot. They were always under covers, and up on jacks and I walked past them every day always wondering what they were for. I figured they were for investments, and I guess I wasn’t wrong! 

Yesterday 4:11PM

For some reason they rang in the new decade with the Ram TRX, Durango Hellcat, Rubicon 392, and the 5.7 Wagoneer / 6.4 Grand Wagoneer. Read more

6/09/21 8:10PM

It’s a good option and not bad looking. But the hoops we’re jumping through and the usability we’re giving up to make sure it never gets mistaken for a wagon are utterly ridiculous. We didn’t stop making wagons because they were a bad form. We stopped making them because people said “my parents had one so I don’t like Read more

6/09/21 3:56PM

That interior is the difference between old and new money. I grew up around money so old it financed the ark, and none of those people would have been caught dead in that amazingly tacky car. Read more

6/07/21 8:56PM

Well, prior to clicking on the article, my assumption was that this was going to be one of those 3rd/4th owners who paid maybe upper $20ks for it and then realized that repairs were WAY out of his league and wanted something simpler. Read more

6/07/21 8:43PM

This comment needs to be out of the greys, it answers the question to why it was for sale - dealer bought it as a salvage.

6/02/21 3:13PM

Sounds like that guy might have driven that new SSR directly to a divorce attorney and turned his life around. Or possibly couple’s counseling but, from that anecdote, it seemed a bit beyond that.

5/28/21 10:05AM

Wheldon 2011. Was watching with my dad and started later to DVR skip commercials. We wanted to order a pizza, my dad opens the laptop and yells “Oh shit!” he saw the homepage headlines and watched the last laps waiting for it to happen. He was still shocked at the finish.

5/26/21 10:01AM

Damn near any BMW, but I’m going to single out the entry level 3 series after options. Fifty. Seven. Thousand. Dollars. for a turbo 4 banger churning out less horsepower than a Chrysler Minivan at 255 HP (I know, BMW underrates their engines). Their interior materials feel cheap, they’ve tried finding ways to nickle Read more

5/25/21 11:28AM

I have a flight to NYC booked for a week long vacation in September. I don’t know if I’d do the same flight and trip today, but by September I think enough people will be vaccinated that my risk will be pretty low.