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You know this and I know this, but automakers don’t care anymore and nothing makes sense. Thats why a Mercedes-AMG S 63 comes with a 4.0-liter V8. Read more

Yea I corrected that.  That was a mistake on either Ford or Car & Drivers part. Or they just leaked something that’s coming. Read more

This is it exactly. This should be the way to go but it would fail because there would be money involved. They’d have to pay to use these places. And when you make people for things that they had been doing or getting illegally, it doesn’t work out.  Read more

Yep this is it. It also makes the lineup make more sense. A few years back, when the Acadia had gone down a bit in size, it was rumored that GMC big wigs were wanting a crossover that would sit in-between the Acadia and Yukon. The size of this new one pretty much fills in for that role while still being small enough Read more

I was using the Razorleaf and the Mantis suit. That is until I ran into a group of religious fanatics on some random planet and saw their ship. I killed them and overtook their ship and have been using it ever since. It’s bigger and faster and I upgraded its weapons.

They’re only bragging because its that “low” without any aero.  Read more

I’d doubt it. Like Hyundai, Kia would rather buyers driver a small crossover. So they’d rather see you in a Soul or Seltos. Read more

Yea true. They couldn’t care less how many they sold, just as long as they lost as little money as possible. They shouldn’t have said they wanted to sell 12k-15k a year initially. They set themselves up for failure. Read more

They’re crazy cheap, especially the ones pre-refresh. I thought about picking one up. But that back seat is kind of tight. Not as tight as a Lexus IS, but still small enough to make me think twice.  Read more

They did. The first LX and early LD years of the Charger (and 300C) could be had with all wheel drive. Read more

Cheaper housing, especially back in the 2000s where single family homes there were going for like $150k-$200k. The numbers have slowed down over the years, but its still a lot. Just in ‘19 alone, 100k people from California moved to Vegas. Read more

True. But like you mentioned, context. This a vehicle that just over a year or two ago couldn’t be found on dealer lots and Ford was closing order banks from time to time. Now there’s nearly 10k for sale and no one is showing up. That’s telling. Read more

I honestly don’t know. My son originally sent it to me lol. Read more

Yep. Highlights how crazy expensive the iQ was. People seem to forget that it cost more than a Yaris which boggles the mind. Also, hi Mercedes:) Read more

Automakers realized that a portion of the driving population existed that would pay more to play.  Read more