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Thursday 2:58PM

Eh. Theres nothing funky on the market anymore. And the ones that could be aren’t. CH-R is small and boring. I was going to suggest the Kona but its boring too and the N doesn’t come out until this fall and is probably going to be way more than $30k. Read more

6/04/21 3:14AM

Last time I checked, it cost the 2020 equivalent of just under $339,000,000 to build. So $104,000,000 more than it costs to repair it.

6/02/21 1:44PM

Thats exactly how Toyota described it. I think they are trying to portray the Track mode as more than it is when it really just seems to be what you see above. 

6/01/21 6:14PM

Oh yea in the right weather. But it was nearly 100 degrees that day. Wasn’t going to walk in heat like that.

5/13/21 8:56PM

I live in Southern California. Trust me Im aware. But just because the market is hot doesn’t make greediness right.

5/06/21 11:17AM

I had to dig for it but its 17.2 cubic ft. As with most of these SUVs and Crossovers with 3rd rows, cargo room behind the last row isnt impressive. 

4/14/21 7:02PM

Oh I know. Ive stayed there before as a kid. Me and my family are from Southern California but we briefly lived in Sausalito. So when we would make the trek from up north back down south and back, Harris Ranch was usually where we would stay. I say random because outside of California many haven’t heard of it and its Read more

4/14/21 6:59PM

Yea the reason we do screen shots is because you cant just simply go lifting images from anywhere on the internet anymore because of $$. So rather than get into some legal trouble we do screenshots and use images when we can.

4/07/21 6:28PM

This is correct. Financially literacy for most people only goes so far as them knowing that paying their bills on time is good, and not doing it is bad. They don’t know or understand that paying on time on a 84 month loan is not as good as they think it is. 

3/25/21 7:35PM

Yep. Been hearing it since I was a kid. Universal City Nissan is well known for dealing with sub prime buyers. 

3/23/21 1:20PM

Oh most definitely. With stuff like this the blame goes all around. People should now what they are getting into by reading everything thoroughly before signing.

3/23/21 12:08PM

Yea its bullshit. So say for example, you made all your payments on time, even beating the interest, and the final payment on your loan is $383.22. Your regular payment was $452.66. Since the final payment is lower than what your regular payment was, they want you to make that $383.22 payment along with the $452.66. Read more

3/15/21 3:11PM

I totally agree. The list is less customer perks and more a validation of the flaws in dealership customer service. The basic things they are pushing as pluses are things dealers should have or have been doing for years. The full tank of gas is really strange as most if not all new cars include that on the window Read more

3/12/21 11:31AM

Yamaha used their musical arm to develop the electronics needed for the enhanced engine sound in the LFA. It was directed towards the driver.

3/08/21 5:01PM

Thats pretty good and probably right on the money. It’ll be more mall parking lot runner than trail blazer with that extra length.

3/05/21 4:46PM

For one, liability. I can tell you as someone who has worked for AAA, thats all its about. They use independent contractors who for the most part dont want to touch or deal with EV’s. 

3/02/21 1:39PM

The dealer is no longer under the same ownership. Its still there though but under a different name. But It wouldn’t make sense to name the dealer now as it would do a disservice to the current dealership and some could imply that they were the ones that did it. Were they still around I would most definitely name them Read more