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Good to see you writing for Kinja again. Reiko may be referencing a specific model as the Super Cub is more like a family of motorcycles evolving with time. Wikipedia claims the Super Cub is still in production (longest running production - since 1958). It was the subject of the Honda’s 1963 “You meet the nicest Read more

Yeah when I started watching the fact that she lives by herself honestly didn’t seem that unusual. Even kids whose parents are still around sometimes have apartments to themselves simply because it’s more convenient to their high school, which is often the case because your choice of high school is far less restricted Read more

Wow. This article is so well written compared to what I’m used to on Jalopnik and Kotaku. You really have to write more car and bike stuff, this is truly amazing. Nearly teared up reading it.  Read more

As a Honda Trail 125 owner, aka the CT125, aka the Hunter Cub, and a big fan of the Super Cub, people keep telling me to watch this. Read more

There’s a sci fi show that you might like called Rideback. It mixes a lot of different story lines but it works.
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When speaking to Kotaku’s Brian Ashcraft about the series, we shared concerns that Super Cub will turn into nothing but animated commercials for Honda. So far, though, I think our concerns were misplaced. Read more

This is my next anime. I’ve only watched two animes with the “lady + motorcycle” formula (Bakuon and Kino’s) and I’ve loved them. For some reason it just clicks with me. Are there more shows with this theme?  Read more

Ha maybe in the country side, because if you live in a populated city then it’s a fucking nightmare, I’m better off on a bicycle than a car or a motorcycle... Read more

What I find interesting that I would like to know more about that the show I doubt will cover is more details on Koguma’s living situation. She’s a orphan living on her own and so far there has been no social worker or adult checking up on her. She gets a allowance I’m assuming from the Government but I’m curious how Read more

Welcome back Kat! Can’t wait to read more of your articles
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At first old Joe was astonished at the lack of horses for pulling the vehicle. Then upon entering he immediately noticed the lack of on board grammophon for his entertainment purposes.  Read more


Valkyrie Drive Mermaid is also a great one, I mean I’m lesbian, and this is my favorite anime ever. Read more

It was probably production. It has been on sale in Mexico for a little while now. I live in South Texas I’ve seen several on the road. Of course St. Louis is a bit more of a hike from the border, but there is no reason someone couldn’t have taken a road trip up there. Read more