Kyle Hyatt

Getting in, I quickly realize that even relative to the standard 964, there’s not a lot of room for my 6-foot, 4-inch frame because the sport seat doesn’t slide back that far. Read more

Hybrid Element with a slot for the new Motocompo Read more

This is the answer. Also do away with the police unions. Police aren’t laborers and don’t produce anything, so they don’t need a union. The unions only serve to protect dirty cops.
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Too bad this would require the trash folks to put the can back, I never know where I will find mine on trash and recycling days.  Read more

This is Jaahnavi. A complete human being.

I feel the same when driving my dad’s 912E. That four cylinder clatter (in this case a 2.3 Type 4) is just wonderful to wind up to its mechanical limits. And every corner feels like the scariest and most rewarding experience, as you enter and exit the corner. It is a connected driving experience that brings me as Read more

I was trying to find words for how i reacted to that top photo, and then you said, “achingly beautiful,” and my search was over. Read more

I have owned several 60s cars (I’m a Trimph car guy) and you touched on something that I loved about cars of that era. Read more

Nobody’s perfect, and no matter your intentions, you will always have people calling out anything that can be construed as a mistake.

One of the best pieces on here in quite some time. Thanks for the tour! Read more

Hey Kyle, thank you for sharing about your experience at RUF HQ, that sounds epic and reinforces the image I have of RUF. I had to log in (which I haven’t done in a LONG time) to tell you what a great article you wrote. I really appreciate the story you told and all the photo’s of the RUF place up close and personal. Read more

I get a lot of satisfaction seeing that Ruf uses old cardboard boxes for oil leaks just like little old me. Read more

This is good Kinja.

Oh man. If I won the lottery I’d love to order one of those beauties, go to the factory to pick it up, and ultimately die a week later wrapping it around a tree halfway down a Swiss mountainside. Read more

What a great article. Thanks, Kyle. Read more


Fair enough, but let’s be honest though. Nothing is getting prettier than this:

Its pains me to think you could have had this same car in the late aughts for 60k- to 80k depending on miles and condition. 
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You’ve obviously never searched for replacement Porsche 996 headlight lenses. No company has ever made them. They do not exist.  Read more