Kyle Hyatt

I’m with you, but this just works in a way that it shouldn’t. The specific shade of yellow helps too. Read more

Employed to protect property, more like. Read more

Maybe German sanitation workers are more conscientious? Read more

None of those compete on power or price. Also this engine is arguably better than any offered by the Germans. I say that latter part as someone who LOVES the 4.0-liter AMG engine and the 4.0 Audi motor. Read more

Operative word was feel and not look, but I understand and appreciate your sentiment nonetheless. Read more

I didn’t get a chance to see if it was an annular brakes car or not, but I wouldn’t be surprised. Read more

To my knowledge, nobody makes a replica coupe 356. That being said, I kind of agree with you as far as the Speedster replicas go. One from Beck or something, that’s built like a real car makes a ton of sense. Read more

They say that it does, with future versions being electric. Read more

Then why do you work here??

JK, it’s for the love of the game. I know. Read more

Being judgemental about cars is kind of our job. That said, I get what you’re saying though the examples you give aren’t necessarily great ones. For example, Ford sells a hell of a lot more Super Duty trucks than Audi does RS 6 Avants and the truth is that almost nobody needs either, as awesome or capable as they are Read more

V12 > V8

Though I will say I do like the 458 and I wouldn’t turn down the chance to drive one. Read more

The 575M is arguably a marginally better looking car, but the six-speed manual is a lot harder to find than the F1 gearbox, plus with things like adaptive suspension etc. it’s a considerably more complicated car than the 550. Not worth the tradeoff, IMO.

Now, the Prodrive 550 is the best and we should all bow down to Read more

It’s about context, right? Like compared to an FJ40 they’re impossibly luxurious but compared to this $107k Defender, they’re kind of spartan. Read more

I’m sure they were awesome when they were new, but 20 years takes its toll. Read more

Do you not read? This is two part clear in a spray can. There’s a button on the bottom that punctures a bladder which releases the hardener and mixes with the clear itself. Read more

I went back in to add some more links and I think I messed it up. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll go back in and fix it but since you guys asked: Read more

The projectors install from the rear, no lens removal necessary. I also don’t feel like replacing lenses and opening the lights is necessary, and I’m not 100% sure that I even can since I THINK Hella switched to a urethane sealant in 02 that’s almost impossible to get off. Read more

Clear needs at least an 800-1000 grit finish to grab onto without primer or adhesion promoter, neither of which are gonna work in a headlight application. The former is obvious and the latter will cause the headlights to get kind of milky etc because it basically melts the top layer of plastic. Read more

Yep it’s a whole new projector with an adaptor plate to work as factory in the original housings. I’m also replacing bulbs at the same time and ballasts. I’m going for a stock-ish color bulb as well as keeping my halogen high beams for a factory look. Should be a couple of hundred bucks all-in. Read more

It’s just the duplicolor wax and grease remover. Read more