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Apr 16

Part of my response may or may not have been related to being a few years older and not wanting to feel old myself. 

Apr 16

Millennials are generally considered to have been born between 1981 and 1996. Despite your ever increasing age, you’ll never be an older millennial having been born in 1989. Read more

Apr 12

The Texas Trail edition should have a built in generator.

Apr 9

Good luck. Electric chasing can be tough, but losing bulbs is definitely worse.

Apr 6

Between that stupid fucking superspreader event for a team that probably won’t even break .500 and the state ordering kids to come take the STAAR test in person, only for the servers to crash statewide, it really seems like that dumbfuck abbott is doing everything possible to hurt as many people as possible 

Mar 30

This is where I point out that “40 percent grade” is about 22 degrees. About halve the mental picture they are trying to paint. Still 22 degrees is about where blue ski runs become black diamond so it's not nothing.  It's an oddly specific claim though.

Mar 30

“When I’m not on Craiglist looking for cheap, vintage stereo gear it’s because I’m on Craigslist looking for cheap, vintage cars.” Read more

Mar 25

For sure! I grew up ignorantly thinking that Border Patrol vehicles were only ever used along the southern border, within like a mile or so, and mostly in Texas. I grew up watching a lot of shitty TV shows in the 80s, I guess.
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Mar 24

While I generally find the “all gentrification is evil” narrative pretty limited, to me this is just called: Do Your Research. Figure out what happens in a neighborhood, decide whether or not you’d be happy to live there, and then sign your lease accordingly. Don’t show up and mess with the lives of the people who Read more

Mar 18

The entire album whipped ass. Could never really pick a favorite, but would probably say Guaranteed if you put a gun to my head.