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Jan 15

CP for the wheels alone. I’m pretty sure those wouldn’t look good even with properly sized tires on them.

Jan 13

I get it. I bought a Grom a few months ago. It sits next to my CBR1000RR in the garage. The thing with the Grom, as I’m sure is similar with any of these bikes, is that it’s so EASY to ride. My first bike was a 2004 R6 and almost every bike since has been a sportbike. I used to put 10k+ miles a year on sportbikes.

Jan 11

Technically the Fortuner and 4Runner are also sold alongside each other in many countries as the Land Cruiser Prado. The Prado and 4runner are the same thing underneath minus the engine and transmission. The Fortuna is the less expensive, smaller, more family focused competitor to the Prado.

Jan 6

Are you seriously trying to defend these seriously misguided people? Show me a legitimate source of election fraud! Something, anything. You all have had 9 weeks to come up with something, and there is nothing. 

Dec 30

You have not lived if, while waiting at a stoplight with a hangover and mildly murderous intent, you have not seen the rear windshield of a 15 year-old Subaru disintegrate and fall into the hatch after an onslaught of bass. It is one of the few occasions in life where schadenfreude truly is life-affirming. Still Read more

Dec 22

Legend says, the bumper is still hanging on the garage

Dec 22

Thank you for the nostalgic morning. I grew up with older sisters and remember Selena blasting on the weekends as we cleaned the house. I had not seen those music videos in ages. If my mom got tired on the “new” music she would make them put on some like Tigers of the North lol

Dec 21

I find this very odd as a case - establishing cause like this will presumably lead to lawsuits against high-emitting industries and against actual illegal polluters. However in the case of co-morbidity and causation, there are a number of factors and a principal or immediate cause. For example, my 87-year-old mother Read more

Dec 18

I need to get rich quick to buy a new Alpine with the yellow and green color scheme from the racing Willys Interlagos (the Brazilian rebadged Alpine A108)

Dec 15

Hi guys. I’m the photographer that shot the car while it was at the AMMO Garage. If you’d like to see more of it, I’ve got it here:

Dec 10

That’s where Toyota’s strategy is wrong. Personal vehicles are the end point of development for FCEV infrastructure, not the driver for its construction. If we’re serious about reducing carbon emissions, that means all the diesel powered vehicle used in freight, shipping, construction industry etc will also have to Read more

Dec 8

Comment from Norway here; Against all real-world evidence, Volkswagen is considered a reliable quality brand. The Golf is very successful, too. Honda is, oddly, the pensioner’s brand bar none. They have the lowest insurance rates of all brands, being driven short distances, and carefully; Hondas make splendid used Read more

Dec 4

These people are SOOOOOO essential that we won’t provide them any benefits, not even healthcare. That is how essential they are.