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Jul 28

I don’t think I really appreciated just how much Triumph had the “car to drive to your aircraft” market all wrapped up back in the 1970s. Nowadays it seems to only be the domain of high-end, overpriced SUVs, but once, in a magical time long ago, you could get to your plane on a grassy field in a charming little car

Jul 27

Hey hey hey hey! Welcome to a new week! From what my hydraulic weekalizer shows, this week should be, uh, okay. I think a good way to start it would be to reflect on this lovely tableau of two late-’60s stylish people, in poses that look like the dude is trying to sell that MGC GT to the woman, but improbably they’re

Jul 24

I know Ford’s been talking about bringing America a new Ranger and a new “Maverick,” only now as a truck based on the Bronco Sport, but what I really want is a truck like this, an Australian South American Ford Pampa. I mean, the name even evokes Pampers, the toughest thing any American can imagine! If only I knew

Jul 23

Dutch Levitating Shepards, usually known as “Dutch Lifties,” were once valued for their ability to levitate large objects over their bodies, which made them potentially useful in a number of industries. Unfortunately, they proved to be very untrainable, and were largely gone by 1960 after too many incidents of taking

Jul 22

Just remember, in the pre-ubiquitous SUV era, carmakers would just suggest you use your regular, RWD, low-traction sedan like this Volare to plunge out into the wilderness. With wire wheels, too, because Nature respects real class.