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Well that’s some serious writing mate. GM sure should go all in and figure out how to put dual front motors or at least one big enough to make it a land missile. Read more

I’m just here to say I love that tire. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S can make anyone look like a superstar racer in the rain. I’ve autocrossed extensively on that tire in the rain (with standing water too!) and it’s like racing with a dry-weather tire in the dry. Read more

I love it.  I’m here for it.  I may never be able to afford it.  But that is A-OK. Read more

Hard to make an ME look like an FE car.  Read more

The change of damper design apparently necessitated a different upper mount, which explains why the cast aluminum piece that was shown on the cutaway appeared to be bolted on and removable as seen on the top right side of the photo above with three of the four bolts visible. Read more

I really like these more technical articles. Specs don’t interest me anywhere near as much as the engineering and design behind them. Read more

No, the tunnel’s obviously for the drivesha— oh wait. Read more

Bozi, please tell me you’ll be writing more for Jalopnik.  Please oh please oh please oh please.  I always comes away from anything you’ve written feeling like I’ve learned more than expected and the world is a slightly better place.   Read more

I honestly hope they do release it.  It’s something that is quite interesting to myself and a few other guys in the performance dept at work. The eCOPO was a proof of concept, and it was ridiculously quick and consistent.

The twin motor they have in the E10 concept is setup more for good power delivery and range (using Read more

Should we expect EM to tweet tomorrow that his next gen roadster can win a tug of war with the hybrid ZR1 Vette, beat it on the Ring, all while saving the planet? Read more

What does the Venn diagram of “not a real Mustang” people and “people who name their kids Lakynn and Blaykelee” look like? Read more