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You can hear the motors at the 1:12 mark in the video above.  Read more

Thanks and I’ll try to be around to do more stuff on here, maybe even some race car things. Read more

Lol. It’s mostly been sending a few links back and forth. I am aware that almost anything can run iRacing but it would be counterproductive to recommend something that will barely run it when there are options that are better suited for it. Read more

Yes. You’re right. I’m definitely being obtuse and trying to make things harder for Rory.  Read more

Two saddle type tanks in the back.

I don’t see it ever getting a manual especially after looking at the cutaway and how little space there is a for a pedal assembly and hydraulics. That’s on top of the fact that they would have to figure out how to connect a shifter and where to fit a gearbox.  Read more

Thanks! I think that going hybrid is the right move as it opens up a lot more performance options for the car.  Read more

The ones with the plugs sticking out near the frunk area are not hybrids according to what I’ve heard. Those plugs are actually used so that they can quickly plug a jump starter into the car for the standard 12v battery.  Read more

I’m sure that there are some design ideas they noticed from others but there are only so many ways to do a mid engine vehicle design.  Read more

Didn’t think about that but it will definitely make it easier for adjustable upper mounts to be made although the factory camber adjustment on the control arms with the shims is pretty solid on its own.  Read more

Thanks! I’m all over the place but I always try to pitch stuff here when I can. Read more

There is lots of space for charge air coolers from what I saw but my bet is on turbos instead of a supercharger. Read more

You know that there are German sports cars you can buy, right? Read more

There is a much bigger market for a car like this than one that is full EV.  Read more