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When I was 20 they sold me a 2016 Mazda3 with 0% interest and the loan payment+insurance came out to $400/month, which was far less than I had been spending to maintain at least one running beater. Read more

Never gonna get a canal job with that attitude, friend.  Read more

I’ll admit, I got an embarrassing long way into this article before I realized this was a joke. Like, I actually stopped reading and spent considerable thought as to where this new canal might be proposed. Perhaps somewhere up by Canada to take advantage of polar routes? Maybe a wider one in Panama to increase Read more

This article made my evening. Thank you Bradley. Read more

Please don’t give me hope. If I could dump my Spec-V for a new SE-R that doesn’t suck, I probably would. Nissan only sells the Versa in manual on the bare minimum lowest trim. Their last sporty sedan was the Sentra Nismo and last I heard, it was kinda ass. They’d probably stick a CVT and appearance package on it and Read more

This feels like

If we did that, the southern half of the country would float away. I saw a documentary on this subject one Saturday morning.  Read more

A water bridge! Like those log rides at the amusement park. 
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Honestly, the Kias aren’t that bad.  Just hope they’ve fixed the security issues. Read more

I’m guessing these cars are dying because their profit margins are too small and they can’t push the price too close to their bigger siblings, and people either want “SUVs” or will buy a used higher end sedan for the same price. That’s what I did. Read more

I never bothered to look up SCG’s backstory until now, so I went to Jim Glickenhaus’ wiki page and found this quote Read more

I’m a total Rivian stan and love electric vehicles but man, it HAS to be a 6BT swap. Read more

Ford, BMW, Stellantis, and others have expressed anger over EV anarchy in the UK Read more

Discussions on other sites indicate that the F-35 has an auto-eject feature, since low altitude hover gives pilots less than 2 seconds to decide things are going south. Some theories believe that the plane malfunctioned and auto-ejected him in flight. This is why he couldn’t report his heading before ejecting. Read more

*preflight “it’s time to start the music” *radar switched on “it’s time to light the lights” *powers up engine
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Meh, it could be worse. With my luck it would be this Read more