Bradley Brownell

I was a supporter when the effort was announced, that is true. But after his threats of lawsuit to IMSA and the rules whining we have seen from Jim and the team in the last three years have been gross. They never brought a serious effort, and it shows.  Read more

Inland sharks could be a reality with the Trans-American Canal. I’d jump one, why not? Read more

Interest rates are ass on everything right now, but generally you’ll get a much better rate on a new car than a used one. If you can’t afford to pay cash, a new car, especially one with a warranty, is still the right choice for many. Especially people who are shopping in the sub-$20,000 range.  Read more

1. You’re looking for something that isn’t there.

2. You missed the part where this completely wipes San Francisco off the map. Read more

Should I post a photo of my college degree every time I write an article? Read more

I regularly drive a Neon ACR that was shipped with roll-up windows, no AC, and no radio. I am in favor of cheap de-contented fun daily drivers.  Read more

Extremely rich man criticized for half-heartedly running an international racing team to promote his vanity-project boutique car company for other extremely rich men.

I heat up my own meatloaf. And I have had many conversations with Spinelli. He’s a good guy. Read more

In my eyes, they built a car that wasn’t to the letter of the class, then complained to the FIA that their car wasn’t competitive. They lobbied for Toyota to be slowed down, when they themselves were barely running faster than LMP2s. Never sat well with me.  Read more

If deaths are reaching 2005 levels, then that suggests deaths were even higher before that.”

That doesn’t suggest that at all. 2005 was the highest peak since 1990. There are ebbs and flows, but 1972 was the deadliest year in American driving history. Read more