Michael Ballaban
Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

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4/15/20 6:55PM

This is the face of someone fully realizing that they’ve made a huge mistake by getting out of bed that morning:

4/15/20 6:12PM

One step closer to me not being part of this car community any more. I know I am not alone here, but Gizmodo has ruined this site. Jalopnik used to be a bright spot during my day, but it seems like Jim Spanfeller is hellbent on ruining everything great that went on within the Gizmodo Group. Read more

4/15/20 6:03PM

Well fuck me running backwards, I’ll go curl in a ball and cry to myself “everything will be all right”. Who am I kidding, riots will happen when Ballaban is gone.

4/15/20 5:56PM

I’d love to write something profound, but honestly, I’m kind of running out of feels at this point. This tree house is getting too fucking small and I don’t like it. I don’t like it at all.

4/15/20 5:44PM

I image your first point is the biggest thing. I mean, an entire sister site about politics got removed right before an election year and another sister site had literally every writer quit very publicly and then sat there unchanged for months after management deleted a bunch of posts. I’m honestly a little surprised Read more

4/15/20 5:43PM

I’ve had a lot of shitty bosses, many of them I would not miss if they died, but this one hits hard. Ballaban was a good dude, a good writer, a good Jalop. It’s a shame he’s dead to me now.

Eat shit, Mike.

4/15/20 5:39PM

Thank you, ‘feller. I had to span the internet to jimmy up what you were talking about. It’s the sad state of mixing herbs with Corona I guess.

4/15/20 5:39PM

Ah man, this sucks. I missed your writing as you took on more editing duties, but was glad your hand was still in things. 

4/15/20 5:22PM

My conspiracy theory nature congers up three thoughts with so many losses to amazing writers on the best automotive site on the internet: Read more

4/15/20 5:08PM

Thank you, Michael for (a) making Jalop a thing and (b) giving me something car-related to read every day after work. It’s always been a nice break from responsibilities and die!die!die! national news. God speed, sir.

4/15/20 4:35PM

Later skater, don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya