Michael Ballaban
Deputy Editor, Jalopnik. 2002 Lexus IS300 Sportcross.

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Mar 3 2020

We still do driving embargoes, but that’s based on different reasoning. With informational embargoes, everything is timed to maximize the marketing effort, which is pretty contrary to what we do. When it comes to a press drive, the purpose of the embargo is to give everyone a chance to try the vehicle. With a Read more

Mar 3 2020

Jalopnik is one of the very few outlets that does not agree to informational embargoes. That means that other outlets sign extensive non-disclosure agreements, agreeing to sit on information for days, weeks, sometimes months in advance, and not say a peep about it until a manufacturer’s marketing team says they can. Read more

Feb 21 2020

I would say most, if not all. At least basic maintenance stuff. David Tracy can probably swap a nuclear device in under an hour with the right tools. I’ve watched Raph do a valve adjustment in a parking lot while it’s pouring rain. I’m pleased with myself when I swap the battery in my key. So there’s a spectrum. But Read more

Feb 18 2020

If France has ceased to exist by this time next year, I will eat one (1) whole escargot.

Jan 3 2020

You’d be shocked how many cars have vast exterior dimensions yet don’t really work for kids. Front seats often need to be moved forward to fit a rear-facing seat in the back, while still maintaining front passenger legroom. Is the rear door opening square enough to get your kid into the seat without bumping their Read more

Nov 30 2019

Yeah, I’m just saying Tesla can’t do it fast enough on its own. Why not give me a couple bil and I’ll take a shot?

Nov 26 2019

No, I’m saying that when you drive an AMG GT, people feel sorry for you. They don’t know what’s wrong.