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Aug 14

I’m afraid the BART discussion and your NASA documentation are taking about different things. NASA here is looking at flatus, the gaseous part of farts, where for us, the key component is that ever-so-faint whiff of hydrogen sulfide. Many of those gases aren’t going to behave like the dominant gases in the atmosphere. Read more

Jul 27

If the US government developed this plane, it would DEFINITELY use them in military applications.

Trust no military.

Jul 27

i see a different story. look at her facial expression and body language. she’s annoyed and waiting for him to finish talking. I think he’s explaining the function of the part which failed, for the hundredth time, on HER car, as they wait for the tow

Jul 26

The one of two 1953 Ghia Cadillacs (this one was Rita Hayworth’s) come to mind:

Jul 26

Far be it for mere mortals to disagree with the gods of middle aged cardom,

Jul 26

Really feeling in an orange and yellow kind of mood today huh?

Jul 19

Here is a useful primer on other sources of basketweaves.

Jul 19

They need to stop pricing their wheels at almost two grand per axle. And also start selling to heavy machinery industries. Imagine a forklift with some BBS CH-Rs. Negotiating some deals with manufacturers to sell their wheels on higher trim levels like they did in the ‘80s and ‘90s would also be helpful.

Jul 15

I feel like this argument is a deflection. Everything in it is correct- however, Viacom didn’t (or at lease didn’t say) they fired him because of the anti-white shit. It was because of the antisemitism. And that isn’t just words, that’s stuff that actively hurts and provokes violence against Jewish people. Read more