Shocked motorists have spotted an Austrian softie who uses his tiny VW to relocate his beloved calves wherever they might need to go.

DailyMail reports an unnamed Austrian farmer has been using a beloved Golf to transport some beloved calves. He even took steps to modify said hatchback to make it comfortable and accessible for their trips around the countryside.

Quoting the original article, "The unidentified farmer, from Kufstein district in Tyrol, insisted he 'acted out of love for his animals' as they would have been 'too cold' in an open-air trailer." Animal rights activists are raging over the prospect that someone would transport livestock in anything other than a government-approved animal trailer.

To calm the foaming mouths of the fur-happy lunatics, he agreed to "only transport young animals in the car that did not weigh more than 80 kilos." Happy now, Pamela?