A 33-year old unlicensed Perth woman driving an unregistered Hyundai may have found the absolute worst possible way to avoid police attention: by half-assedly making her car look like a police car. Actually, now that I look at it again, this is 1/8th ass at best.

I mean, I get the fundamental idea: she’s got no license and the car is not registered – in fact, the Hyundai was found to be unroadworthy. That means, if she’s going to continue to drive the car, she needs to lay as low as possible, and avoid any scrutiny whatsoever.


You’d think a white Hyundai would be unremarkable enough, but this woman overthought the problem. Perhaps inspired by scenes in movies where a guard is knocked out with one blow to the back of the head and their uniform taken, she decided to make her car look like a police cruiser, and then all the cops would just assume she’s one of them!

Unfortunately, the wrong make and model of car coupled with the use of what appears to be a dry-erase board marker to create the police livery made her plan unachievable. Her plan B, locking herself in the car when the police pulled her over, didn’t pan out so hot, either.


Nice try, though!

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