Proving that the best intentions aren't always matched with the best actions, 19-year-old Brett Seabrook of Victoria, Australia attempted to help a koala he thought was injured by repeatedly ramming its tree with his Toyota Landcruiser. Apparently the incident began when the Aussie teen found the koala at his campsite and wrapped it in a blanket — which is sort of a nice way of saying he abducted it. After hanging out with the koala for a while, he released it into a tree. That's when the koala started making noises, worrying Seabrook and prompting a somewhat irrational series of responses. According to The Age:

Wildlife officer Greg Chant, prosecuting for the Department of Sustainability and Environment, said when the koala began to make a loud noise, Seabrook tried to retrieve it by poking it with a stick. Mr Chant said Seabrook then rammed the tree with his Toyota Landcruiser utility, which was witnessed by a number of nearby campers who alerted authorities.


Is that hoonage or insanity? We're leaning towards insanity, likely adolescence-induced. The teen was eventually arrested and charged with a variety of wildlife protection laws and has pleaded guilt to them, accepting a rather modest charge of $2,200. [Source: The Age, Photo: China Photos/Getty Images]

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