Australian Supercars Driver Fined For Sick Burnout Because Cool Shit Isn't Free

Hell has officially frozen over. The evil forces of the world have taken over. The universe has made its anti-fun stance known, culminating in the $3,000 fine lobbied against Australian Supercars driver Chaz Mostert for doing a sick burnout that would make every hoon in Australia shed a single tear of glee.

Mostert was celebrating his first win since he’d returned from a bad accident at Bathurst in 2015, per WTF1. He stopped outside of the Philip Island’s Turn 1 and let ‘er rip.


If you must fine him for something, the close call Mostert as he rejoined the track seems like the thing to penalize. But no! Supercars deemed Mostert’s epic burnout to be a “static burnout,” which is apparently against the series rules for reasons I can’t understand.

You’re Australian Supercars! Your country invented the word “hoon!”

As a result, Mostert was given a $3,000 Australian fine ($2,260 in American dollars), $2000 Australian ($1,507 US) of which was suspended until the end of the year.

Can’t we all agree that burnouts are glorious clouds of happiness and let the man celebrate, so long as he doesn’t almost hit his teammate? Apparently not.

Clarification: According to Supercars, the track management had specifically requested no static burnouts prior to the race, hence the fine.

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Crash McGee

The track explicitely said “No static burnouts” and he was told that over the radio when he asked if he could. The track was just fine with donuts and rolling burnouts, but they said the standing burnouts damaged the tarmac.

He was also told to wait until all of the cars pass, but he nearly caused an accident after coming back onto the track because he ignored that instruction.