Aussie Supercars Is Setting The Standard For Streaming Motorsport

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Screenshot: YouTube

There are so many different streaming platforms these days that nobody seems to be able to agree where their motorsport product should be broadcast. Terrestrial television is a non-starter, and cable goes out to far too few households these days, so what is a series to do? Hell, NBC can’t seem to get it right, putting IndyCar on Peacock and everything else on NBC Sports Gold Trackpass. There really needs to be one centralized location for streaming motorsport. Australian Supercars has chosen YouTube as the way forward.

Yes, you can still subscribe to the series’ SuperView programming for a once-a-year $59.99 charge. This year, however, the series is partnering with YouTube to deliver its full schedule of programming to an international audience in an easy way, charging $5.99 per month. This is the first YouTube Memberships offering for a fairly high profile racing series. While the series was broadcast on MotorTrend On Demand in 2020, it doesn’t appear to be in the programming for that platform anymore.


As part of the deal with YouTube, fans will get live and non-stop access to every single on-track session all season long. That includes all support category sessions, so you can watch the glorious Touring Car Masters category, Super 2, and the exciting spec series for Toyota 86s, TGRA 86.

The YouTube access also means full access to the Super Archive. The series has already uploaded the first 181 races from 1997 through 2014, and will continue to add more races every week until the full archive is available on YouTube to stream without interruption.


YouTube is such a great integration for the series, as it is pretty much standard fare for every smart television in the world. Unlike SuperView, which can really only be accessed from a computer or phone, I can subscribe to the YouTube channel and watch as much Supercars action as my heart desires.

I really hope that this is the method to catch on for other motorsport in the future. I would love to be able to watch uninterrupted action from a motor race happening on the opposite side of the earth. For $6 per month, it’s probably worth that in the entertainment factor. I might give it a shot.