Aussie Media Czar Makes Bid for Aston Martin

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Admittedly, when we first saw the headline we were thinking Brett Favre and the green & yellow gang were involved. I mean, they sure as hell ain't doing anything at the moment. But no, a certain Mr. James Packer, who just purchased a 38 million flat in London, is becoming a bit of an anglophile. He's also Australia's richest man, having made his fortune the old fashioned way, by inheriting it from his billionaire daddy. And he's only eight years older than us. Sigh... Anyhow, James is at the head of a consortium that is making a push to hand FoMoCo a few briefcases of much needed cash in exchange for the most desirable brand of them all. Normally we're in favor of major manufacturers unloading moribund brands into the loving arms of caretakers who care. However, Aston is far from Moribund. In fact, the jewel in PAG's crown is much better than ever. And what if this Australian billionaire turns out to act like a certain TVR-thrashing Russian billionaire? And what if Mr. Packer names Aston's next car a chazwazzer? Pray for Aston Martin.


Packer's bid for Aston Martin [The Sydney Morning Herald]

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Since Jamie P is a good buddy of Tom Cruise and a budding Scientologist, perhaps an A-M Xenu is on the horizon.