Aussie Man Who Used a Mobility Scooter to Tow His Boat: 'Well I Lost Me License'

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Screenshot: 9 News (Facebook)
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In perhaps what is the most Australian thing I’ve seen happen in a long while, an Aussie man used a mobility scooter to tow his boat because he’d lost his driver’s license. I’m so impressed by the gumption that I’m not even mad.


Shane Swancott, when being interviewed by Australia’s 9 News, said, “Well, I lost me license, and pretty much at the same time, I’d finished fixing up me boat. I was gonna push it down by hand, but then I thought, ‘Why not use this?’” Flawless logic, my good sir!

“This” is a mobility scooter that cost 400 AUD (about $283). I didn’t even know you could tow anything with a mobility scooter, but apparently it’s quite possible. In the uploaded clip, you can see Swancott happily pulling his boat with it.

Of course, as the way these things tend to usually go, you can also see Swancott chuckling bemusedly about the cops who were absolutely bewildered by the sight of him towing the boat before pulling him over. The local police, according to the outlet, are still deciding what the charges should be.

What charges, I ask you! Screw the charges and give this man a medal for sheer cheek.

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