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Aussie Man Builds Big-Block Batman Tumbler With Nitrous, Videotapes Entire Build Process

Beginning in 2006, Aussie superhero Grant Hodgson started off with a dream, a dream of being the Batman, and he's been building a faithful replica of the Tumbler ever since. This time it comes with a build blog. Grant's version looks to be even closer to the real deal than the one built by Bob Dullam, featuring a 560 HP GM 454 CID V8, Turbo 400 automatic transmission, Argo V drive and a reinforced 35-spline Detroit Locker nine-inch rear end. The best part is that we get to watch it in action and watch the fabrication. Oh, did we mention it's got nitrous too? Yeah. Build image and more below the jump.Though the build blog is in Japanese for some reason, the translation with the Goog is actually pretty good and provides reams of good info. Grant tells us the beast is has been built strictly from pictures and by analyzing the DVD feature, but the result, he says, ends up running about 120 miles per hour. You can follow along with the frame build, powder-coating, mechanical installation, the body build-up and even see it in its first show. It's not quite done yet, but it's so close. Pay close attention to the background of the video; there's a certain iconic black Falcon in their corral too. We think it'll be shaking in it's boots after this monster is done. [PS-Car]


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I don't see what's so special, it's obvious this guy is a master fabricator with the same level of skill as the guys that made the Tumbler for the movie. It's not as though the Tumbler in the movie willed itself into existence, people did have to build it. Skilled people, with alot of tools. But thinking the shop WB hired is the only ones that can do it is just plain loco.

Now, if the Tumbler were purely a Computer Generated vehicle and then this guy built one too look like the CG image that's something else. Call me when this guy makes a Warthog from Halo.