Aussie Ford FG Falcon Supercar Debuts, Kangaroos Unimpressed

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Despite claims that the car wouldn't be ready to race this year, Ford Australia's new FG Falcon "FG01" race car is scheduled to make its initial public appearance during the Sandown V8 Supercar Championship in Melbourne. The Falcon XR8-based race car will be making several appearance laps at Sandown, but won't be doing any actual racing. Ford claims the car may see its race debut at the Bathurst 1000 later this year which, if nothing else, is one of the best race names we hear all year. Watch out for the 'roos. Press release after the jump...


FORD'S NEW V8 SUPERCAR WEAPON HAS ARRIVED Ford's new FG V8 Supercar 'FG01' is set to roll form its current home at Ford Performance Racing (FPR) to the tarmac at Sandown this weekend, making its public debut at the Midas 400 in Melbourne.

Based on Ford's recently launched FG Falcon XR8 sedan road car, the new Blue Oval weapon will feature a striking 'Nitro' blue with white themed livery.

The FG01 prototype will reside in pit lane for the duration of the event, from where it will launch into a number of preview laps on the 3.1 kilometre circuit.


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