Aussie Ford Ad Murders A Toad In The Name Of The Environment

Ford's EcoBoost badge inevitably triggers thoughts of doing something to help the environment, but this Australian advertisement for the Ford Falcon EcoBoost shows the car murdering one of a pair of cane toads on a lonely stretch of highway.

The ad is weird from the start. It opens with a pair of cane toads engaged in a lengthy discussion on the effects of licking their own poisonous back secretions — one of the toads is horny and experiencing MDMA-like euphoria from doing so. When they see distant headlights (which the trippin' toad trips out on), the sober toad begins talking trash about four cylinder engines. Right when he's explaining why they have plenty of time to move off the road because four cylinder cars are gutless, SPLAT!


This commercial certainly puts the Eco in EcoBoost, or rather, runs it over. Having doffed the Mad Max-style V8 power from the Falcon nameplate, the ad seems like a tricky way to say that despite the reduction in displacement and namby-pamby enviro-friendly engine moniker, this Falcon is still a predator at heart.

(Hat tip to James S!)

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