AUO Oval LCD Screens For Vehicle Instrument Panels

Illustration for article titled AUO Oval LCD Screens For Vehicle Instrument Panels

A company by the name of AUO has managed to develop an oval-shaped LCD display, which could change the appearance of next-generation instrument panels. The ovoid LCDs don't just look good, but they could allow for customizing instrumented data. Of course, the technology is far from being integrated into your next vehicle purchase, but it's good to see the baby steps being taken. [Ubergizmo]


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When I said "glass cockpit", I was speaking of the concept, not the actual square displays. I can see the entire "cluster" area being one LCD display with several displays to choose from. All digital if you like, or all analog. GPS display in the center. Imagine the entire dash being an LCD display. You could download dashboards ranging from Porches to one that looks like the dash from a '57 Chevy. As long as all the gauges are there, the DOT wouldn't have an issue with it.